The September blur – trade show mania finally comes to an end

Since my last blog post, the pay TV industry has been on a whirlwind, and so has everyone associated with it. Between IBC, SCTE, and many summits (Liberty Global, Hauwei and more), September just blurs by quickly. Operators ready their speeches, vendors spruce up their exhibits, reporters try to keep up with all the announcements around shows, and show organizers hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Most things went well for IBC – it was packed with people all the time and Amsterdam couldn’t be happier for all the business. IBC always tries new things to stay relevant to the industry and all, which is great. Sometimes these things work and sometimes they don’t. The Cloud Solutions Theater was definitely in the latter category. Thousands of dollars spent by vendors expecting to present to a crowd of people – after all there were 55,000 people in attendance at the show – so one would hope for a couple of hundred people at least with all the great IBC marketing and all. Nope. 13 people. 13 people attended these sessions in the ‘theatre’. Like I said, some things work and some don’t – this was a big don’t. I hope they refund the money back to vendors…

SCTE was great, except for a 7 percent reduction in attendees, which didn’t seem to hamper attendance at invitation-only events like the Chairman’s Reception, but it sure seemed to impact the show floor. Slow times were more the rule instead of the exception. I think operators need to be pass through the vendor exhibits in order to get to the conference sessions, as there is no reason for them to stroll by, unless, of course, a meeting is arranged in advance.

Major talk around the shows – besides all the consolidation efforts (not just with the operators, but vendors as well – like Pace who looked like morphed into Aurora at the show – isn’t is supposed to be the other way around?), was around the ‘cloud’. Everything in the cloud – virtualized head-ends, virtualized storage, virtualized processing, virtual everything. Maybe we’ll even visit these shows virtually one day – - now there’s a thought. Won’t need to worry about ‘clouds’ when trying to get there.

Would some vendor work on that please?!